Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the reviews: Mens Dance Tips - what to wear out salsa dancing

the: Mens Dance Tips Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Medium Backpack (Toy) Great bookbag / backpack. My son is pleased. He loves this show so im happy to get him the backpack for such a great price.

I know it sounds weird, but I was really excited for these socks when I purchased them. I liked the color (Gray Heather), the higher wool content than most Smartwool socks, and obviously just because of the fact that they were a new pair of Smartwool socks. If I could go back and do the purchase again, I would probably not have chosen these. My main reason for not loving these socks is that they're a little on the small/tight side when compared to other Smartwool socks. I have a size large in all of my Smartwool socks, and these and the "Adrenaline" socks are the only ones that don't fit quite right. These are also on the expensive side of the Smartwool lineup, with a $20 MSRP. I got them for around $17, when the Medium Hiking Crews I get for about $14. For three bucks more, I didn't feel like I was getting anything more than the Hiking Crews. They're still Smartwools, though, and they are comfortable, even if they're a little tight. I decided to keep them to break them in and after a few months and about five uses, they have stretched out some.My favorites are still the Medium Hiking Crew socks (I have about 5 pair and I'll continue to buy those) and the Ragsters, which have been discontinued for who knows what reason. Don't be adventurous; save a little money and stick with what works
the reviews: Mens Dance Tips - what to wear out salsa dancing
the: Mens Dance Tips Although it is a race suit, I used it for practice.It didn't give me a hard time getting in, not even the first time. I practice 6 days a week 2 hours a day, besides I wore it also for 30-40 mins twice a week for stress workouts, anyway, it was fantastic, it lasted around a month and a half, and then it started with the seethru spots, which is fine, it lasted enough, I mean a month and a half? its a long time. Recommended for lasting, but honestly isnt that helpful for racing, nowadays there are better racing suits. But for the price it was ok.I also had problems with the threads, as soon as i opened the bag I realized a thread coming from the crotch-leg area, I cutted the thread and didn't care, but then again the same thread, I tried to ignore it and not pull it or anything, it held up but still it was annoying, since the first stitch was eventually gone, thank good it didn't get to the other stitch so I didn't have to deal with holes.

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